Synthetic fiber with electrostatic filter cotton

Synthetic fiber with electrostatic filter cotton

Product Details

HC series synthetic fiber with electrostatic filter cotton alias: synthetic fiber filter cotton, hot filter cotton, bag filter filter material, electrostatic cotton use and usage: mainly used in filter production 1, flat filter, folding filter , bag filter material 2, pre-stage filtration of precision filter 3, slice use, slice frame use, whole roll material and characteristics:
1. It adopts ultra-fine polyester fiber (PET) with elasticity and fracture resistance, and then it is made by step-by-step encryption and paving. It is made by hot air fusion process. 2. High-temperature hot treatment on the wind surface, with better filtration effect and strength. It has a certain anti-corrosion effect on common solvents, weak acids and weak bases, and should avoid the long-term exposure of ultraviolet rays in sunlight.
Flame retardant rating: F1 (DIN 53438), B1 (GB/T 17591-2006)
Moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤100RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: