Rail transit filter cotton

Rail transit filter cotton

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Rail transit air conditioning system filter cotton alias: subway air conditioning filter cotton, train air conditioning filter cotton, motor car air conditioning filter, high-speed air conditioning filter, rail transit air conditioning ventilation filter, rail transit air conditioning flame retardant filter cotton, fire filter cotton, high-speed rail flame retardant Filter cotton use and usage: mainly used in subway, motor train, high-speed rail and other rail transit ventilation and air conditioning system filtration 1, car body outdoor air inlet filter 2, car interior air conditioning air supply system filtration 3, slice use, slice frame use, whole Volume usage materials and features:
1. Using flame-retardant synthetic fiber with elastic and fracture resistance, combing and step-by-step encryption and paving. It is made by hot air fusion process, 2 double-sided spray and secondary flame retardant treatment, with better elasticity and strength, and more Good flame retardant effect 3. Good corrosion resistance, resistance to various solvents, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance technical indicators:
Filter level: G3, G4 (EN779), EU3, EU4 (EUROVENT)
Filter object: ≥5μm coarse dust and foreign matter average weight efficiency: ≥85%, 95% (ASHRAE52.1-1992)
Flame retardant rating: S4 (DIN 5510-2)
Smoke level: SR2 (DIN 5510-2)
Dissolution rating: ST2 (DIN 5510-2)
Oxygen index: ≥32 (TB/T3237)
Smoke density: ≤200 (TB/T3237)
Moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤100RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: