Biochemical cotton

Biochemical cotton

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Biochemical cotton alias: rattan cotton, Japanese rattan cotton, three-color rattan cotton, resin filter net, rubber filter, plastic wire filter, fish pond filter cotton, swimming pool filter cotton, aqua filter cotton, culture filter cotton, fish tank filter cotton, filter sponge
Uses and usage: Suitable for aquaculture water purification, industrial ventilation system air filter exhaust gas purification 1, automotive paint booth, factory paint workshop 2, central air conditioning pipeline filter 3, condensate noise reduction, oil and water separation 4, sewage sludge treatment Plants, waterworks, cooling towers, swimming pools, fish ponds, breeding and egg collection, etc. 5. Slice use, slice and frame use, bulk materials and characteristics:
1. Using several kinds of high-quality fiber (wire diameter 0.25) which are resistant to corrosion, temperature and aging in polyolefin and polyamide, it is pressed into 2. It has resistance, water resistance, light resistance, flame retardancy and water permeability. Characteristics, gas permeability, etc. 3. Excellent water permeability, can be washed and reused for many times. 4. Long service life. It can be guaranteed to be used in water for more than 5 years. 5. The product does not contain harmful substances such as chlorine. Therefore, after treatment, it will not harm the environment 6. Effectively remove impurities, kill harmful bacteria, cultivate billion bacteria, and let harmful ammonia and nitrous acid be nitrated to become five-toxic nitrate.
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