Synthetic bag filter

Synthetic bag filter

Product Details

Medium-effect synthetic fiber bag filter Alias: medium-effect bag filter, medium-effect bag filter Use and usage: commercial or industrial ventilation system, central or end filtration of air conditioning system 1, clean room fresh air conditioning system, The main filter of the new fan unit 2, the secondary or final stage filtration of the central air conditioning system 3, the air supply main filter of the air purification device 4, the pre-filter material and characteristics of the high-efficiency filter:
1. Filter material: Ultra-fine polyester fiber (PET) filter material with elasticity and fracture resistance is used to encrypt the wind from the air inlet surface to the air outlet surface.
2. Frame: galvanized iron frame, aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel frame, plastic frame 3. Features: multi-bag design, large ventilation, large dust holding capacity, seamless high-temperature fusion technology, good air tightness and bonding strength Optional frameless design, frame and support frame reusable technical indicators:
Filter level: F5, F6, F7 (EN779)
Filter object: ≥1μm particle filtration efficiency 45%, 65%, 85% (ASHRAE52.1-1992)
Moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤100RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: