Nylon mesh initial effect filter

Nylon mesh initial effect filter

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Nylon mesh initial effect filter alias Keywords: nylon mesh filter, filter , washable filter, primary filter, air conditioning filter, washable filter use and usage: coarse dust and foreign matter filtration, commercial and industrial Ventilation system, pre-filtration of air conditioning system 1, fresh air conditioning system of clean room, pre-filtration of fresh air unit, air vent, etc., contact with the outside world, air, primary filtration of central air conditioning system, clean room return air primary filter 3, air purification Equipment air inlet pre-filtration 4, air conditioning air outlet flow filtration 5, filtration system primary filter material and characteristics:
1. Filter material: nylon mesh 2 woven with monofilaments such as PP, PA, PE, etc. 2. Inner support frame: galvanized iron, stainless steel wire 3, outer frame: aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel frame, non-woven edging 4 Large ventilation, low resistance, reusable for repeated use, long-term operation in humid environment 5. Corrosion resistance to general solvents, weak acids and weak bases, and long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight:
Filter object: ≥10μm coarse dust and foreign matter moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤100RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: