High efficiency filter

High efficiency filter

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High efficiency filter alias: sub-high efficiency filter, filter , sub-high efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, HEPA filter, HEPA filter, ultra high efficiency filter, ultra high efficiency filter, ULPA filter, ULPA filter Use and usage: It is suitable for three-stage filtration or end filtration in various ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, HVAC, clean room dust-free workshop, air supply system.
1. Central air conditioning and air ventilation system dust removal filter 2. High-quality spraying system and baking device. End filter of air supply system 3. Clean room dust-free workshop level 3 or final stage filtration 4, 100,000 level or above clean level cleanliness Room, clean room, final stage filtration 5, exhaust emission purification dust end filter material and characteristics: material has PTE filter paper, PP filter paper, conform to meltblown filter paper, glass fiber filter paper, PET coated filter paper, etc. Product form: flat shape, Folding, non-baffle type, partition type, box type, combined technical indicators:
Filtration level (EN1822): E10 (H10/Y10), E11 (H11/Y11), E12 (H12/Y12), H13, H14, U15, U16, U17
Filter object: ≥0.5μm, ≥0.3μm, ≥0.12μm
Filtration efficiency: ≥85%, ≥95%, ≥99%, ≥99.9%, ≥99.99%, ≥99.999%, ≥99.9999%, ≥99.99999%
Initial resistance: ≤80Pa
Final resistance: 450Pa (recommended)