Medium efficiency filter

Medium efficiency filter

Product Details

  1. The outer frame is detachable and suitable for aluminum alloy frames. It is durable and not easily deformed.
    2. Easy to install and disassemble, medium efficiency filter can clean filter material, low resistance, high dust holding rate and long service life.
    3. The filter mesh strengthens the protective ribs and increases the robustness of the filter. Conventional thickness is 21mm, 25mm, 46mm, 95mm initial effect filter performance ≥5.0μm granules 40%~60% Special high-flux low-resistance chemical fiber cloth is used as filter material, and the dust holding capacity is large, paper, plated Zinc steel, aluminum alloy or plastic. The air filter frame application is primarily used as a pre-filtration of the filter and as a purification filter for the room ventilation system.
    Medium efficiency filter efficiency rating: G2, G3, G4
    1. Small resistance, large air volume; so0_f2
    2. Long service life;
    3. Widely used for primary filtration of air conditioning systems.
    The filter has the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient installation, stable efficiency and uniform wind speed. Currently, large capacity air filters required for cleaning equipment use a non-separator structure. There is a partition which is mainly folded from aluminum foil and paper into a filter element to form an air passage.