Multi-layer mesh filter paper

Multi-layer mesh filter paper

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Multi-layer mesh paint mist filter paper alias: paint mist filter paper, paint filter paper, multi-layer mesh filter paper, multi-layer honeycomb filter paper, honeycomb filter paper use and usage:
Mainly used in furniture, power machinery, port machinery, ship equipment, construction machinery, anti-rust coating machinery, automobile factory, bicycle factory, home appliances, electronic painting, painting factory, spray booth, paint booth, etc. The end of the spray booth is filtered to improve the principle and characteristics of air purity in the spray booth:
1. Using the principle of the influence of air pressure on the airflow, when the paint spray in the spray booth or paint booth flows to the nine-layer mesh filter paper under the action of air pressure, the nine-layer grid filter paper will be affected by the air pressure, and let it go. It is blown open, just like a multi-layer filter screen hinders the flow of paint mist, thus effectively adsorbing paint and dust in the air. It is a must-have filter material for dry spray booths. Its function is to intercept the flying paint mist in the painting operation, control air pollution 2. High filtration efficiency, fire retardant, antistatic, less resistance loss, can avoid secondary Pollution, simple replacement, clean workplace, good economic performance, its performance indicators are imported JISEITAI, KAISHALTD is basically equal,
3, suitable for hand-painting, electrostatic spraying, high-pressure airless paint and other production equipment, suitable for nitrocellulose lacquer, amino lacquer, oxy-resin paint, acrylic resin paint, anti-rust paint, alkyd marine protective primer, etc. Paint technical parameters