V type filter paper

V type filter paper

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Dry paint filter paper / V-type filter paper alias: paint filter paper, paint mist filter paper, hundred origami paper, dry spray paint room filter paper, dry filter paper use and usage: painting industry paint exhaust emission purification filter 1, each In the field of painting operation, the paint particles and dust particles in the spraying process are intercepted, the air pollution is reduced, the working environment is kept, the pollution to the atmospheric emissions is reduced, and the pre-stage filtration of the exhaust gas purification system is 3, which can be cut at will, and can be cut and framed. Can be made into a filter, the material and characteristics of the whole box can be used:
1. It adopts high-quality double-layer kraft paper, strong adhesive bonding, durable 2. Low resistance to air, large filtration effect, high dust holding capacity 3. Low equipment investment, no noise, simple installation 4. Long running time and low cost It does not need to be replaced frequently. It can usually be used for 240-500 hours. 5. Paint mist particles and powder recycling are simple and will not cause secondary pollution.
6, flat type (lower suction type) or vertical type (side suction type) can be used 7, can choose the wind surface plus filter cotton filter paper, better purification effect technical indicators:
The pleated dry-filtered carrying pocket allows it to filter up to 2-5 times the filtration of other common stretch or fiberglass filter papers: paint particles and dust particles stretch pitch: 50mm
Aperture: 25mm
Pitch: 20mm
Flame retardant rating: K1 (DIN 53438)
Final resistance: 150Pa (recommended)
Moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤80% RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: