Paint mist filter carton

Paint mist filter carton

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Paint mist filter carton/box filter paper alias: paint filter carton, paint mist filter carton, paint mist filter carton, dry paint mist filter box, Jiugong paint mist filter carton, carton filter box Features:
Uses: Dust collection: complex assembly of paint and air filtration systems.
Features: large filtration surface area, low resistance, large air volume, high dust holding capacity, easy material recovery, venturi structure. According to the principle of inert separation, the unique vortex airflow guiding design can efficiently absorb the over-range paint particles and force the air flow to change the flow direction multiple times, so that the particles heavier than air will adsorb on the paper wall without accompanying the air flow. Flowing away, the oversprayed paint particles begin to fill at the bottom of the pleats of the filter paper until the overspray particles are completely clogged and need to be replaced. The filtration effect is up to 90%, and each box can carry 12kg of oil dust. The carrying capacity is 3 to 5 times that of other types of filter media, and it can directly recycle recycled paper, and is environmentally friendly and efficient. The efficiency of the load varies depending on the volume or dust.
1. The resistance to air is weak, the filtering effect is large, and the dust holding capacity is high.
2. Low equipment investment, no noise, and simple installation;
3, long running time, low cost; do not need to change frequently, quadruple paint mist filter is usually available 240-500 hours.
4, paint mist particles, powder recycling process is simple, will not cause secondary pollution.
5, tiled (lower suction type) or vertical type (side suction type) can be used.
6. Adjusting the wind speed by adjusting the air volume at the front of the induced draft fan can improve the filtering effect and save paint.