Honeycomb activated carbon

Honeycomb activated carbon

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Honeycomb activated carbon alias: honeycomb carbon, block activated carbon, open-air activated carbon, water-resistant honeycomb activated carbon use and usage: a large number of applications in low concentration, high air volume of various types of organic waste gas purification system 1, fresh air system air purification 4, exhaust emissions Grade or secondary purification materials and characteristics:
1. Material: high quality coal plus clay, common type and waterproof type 2. Features: small drag coefficient, excellent adsorption, desorption and aerodynamic properties, can be widely used for purification treatment of toluene, xylene and benzene And other organic gases such as benzenes, phenols, lipids, alcohols and aldehydes, malodorous gases and various gas technical indicators containing trace metals:
Filter object: low concentration of odor, odor, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other organic substances moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤ 80% RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: