Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter

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Activated carbon filter alias: activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter, activated carbon plate filter, activated carbon cotton filter, activated carbon bag filter, activated carbon bag filter, activated carbon folding filter, activated carbon box filter, dry smoke purifier , deodorizing filter, activated carbon high efficiency filter, combined activated carbon filter, high air volume activated carbon use and usage: commercial and industrial ventilation system for fresh air purification and exhaust gas purification and filtration 1, human habitat ventilation system VOC purification 2, commercial , industrial waste gas discharge primary or secondary purification materials and characteristics:
1. Filter material: activated carbon filter cotton, activated carbon sponge, activated carbon particle sponge, carbon-coated non-woven fabric, activated carbon fiber felt, activated carbon granule, honeycomb activated carbon 2, support net: galvanized mesh, aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh, spray plastic mesh 3 , outer frame: galvanized iron frame, aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel frame, paper frame 4, features: optional detachable structure, outer frame and net can be reused technical indicators:
Filter object: low concentration of odor, odor, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other organic substances moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤ 80% RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: