Activated carbon filter cotton

Activated carbon filter cotton

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Activated carbon filter cotton alias: activated carbon filter cotton, activated carbon adsorption cotton, activated carbon cotton, activated carbon filter use and usage: suitable for various ventilation equipment, air conditioning equipment, dust removal equipment, exhaust system purification and exhaust gas purification 1, air conditioning and air Ventilation system dust removal and deodorization filtration 2, various types of organic exhaust emission filtration 3, formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gas purification and adsorption 4, household, commercial, painting, industrial and other exhaust emission purification 5, slice use, slice frame use, whole volume Use materials and features:
1. Fibrous activated carbon filter cotton is made of high-quality powdered activated carbon as adsorbent material, which is attached to air-filtered non-woven fiber substrate. 2. It has good adsorption and dust collecting effect, and good formability (arbitrary cutting) , folding), high strength, low airflow resistance 3, have a certain anti-corrosion effect on general solvents, weak acids and weak bases, and must avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight.
Adsorption object: ≥ Flame retardant grade of various organic gases: F1 (DIN 53438), B1 (GB/T 17591-2006)
Final resistance: 200Pa (recommended)
Moisture resistance (relative humidity): ≤80% RH
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Instant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
technical parameter: