Air purification granular activated carbon

Air purification granular activated carbon

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Air purification granular activated carbon alias: columnar activated carbon, air purification activated carbon, activated carbon granules, coal activated carbon, wood activated carbon, tar activated carbon, columnar granular activated carbon, round granular activated carbon, spherical activated carbon use and usage: commercial and industrial ventilation systems, air conditioning systems Fresh air purification and exhaust gas purification and filtration 1, fresh air system air purification 2, exhaust gas discharge primary or secondary purification 2, direct use or processing into filters using materials and characteristics:
1. Material: high quality coal plus clay 2. Form: columnar particles, spherical particles 2. Features: high mechanical strength, pressure resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, developed microporous structure, strong adsorption capacity and high purification efficiency. Used in a fixed bed, the airflow resistance is small and can be repeatedly regenerated. It is mainly used to purify impurities and pollutants in the air. For example, the antibiotic industry is used for filtering air and gas separation and purification of carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen refining, adsorption and recovery of low-boiling substances, deodorization and degreasing.
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