What is the role of the primary filter in the air conditioning box?
- 2019-08-22-

1. Effectively dispose of indoor air pollution, such as dust, to provide more fresh air;
2. Effectively prevent the phenomenon of stains around the air supply opening of the air conditioner, and the service life of the equipment of the court;
3. In the clean room of different grades, the corresponding specification requirements are required. If the clean room wants to reach a certain level of other cleanliness, it is necessary to install the primary filter to effectively filter the air entering the room;
4. Disposal of severe ash images in components such as fans, heat exchangers, pipes, etc., and the effect of removing odors.
Today's primary filter is used more and more in various purification systems, many factors have become important specifications for selection, but the service life of the equipment is still an important basis for people to choose this equipment, which is the goal of everyone's concern. One.
However, in actual use, it is difficult to predict the service life of the primary filter. Therefore, the weight of the actual dust contained in the equipment is often used for budgeting, and as long as the experimental conditions and methods are the same, it is based on the dust. The amount of money to budget is not the same as the life of the device.
What is the dust holding capacity?
In fact, its definition is very simple, that is, the total amount of dust that the filter blocks before it reaches the end of the experiment, and the experimental method is also very simple, that is, a certain amount of artificial dust is sent to the experimental air passage by the dust generating device. After the artificial dust is completely sent, the filter subjected to the experiment is removed and weighed to obtain a change in the mass, thereby calculating the weighting power of the filter device.
Repeat the above method until the initial filter of the experiment reaches the final resistance value, and the uniform weight power of the whole experimental process can be obtained.