How long is it better to change the cotton filter in the paint room?
- 2019-08-22-

The paint room is made of filter cotton. The other name is patio cotton, top cotton, top cotton. The main components are polyester fiber, glue, non-woven fabric, which are synthetic fibers. The color is white, mainly used in various industrial applications, such as pollution prevention, air conditioning industry, industrial waste gas, processing of sewage and so on.
The paint room filter cotton is mainly used in car paint booths, furniture paint booths, car spray booths, and furniture spray booths. The fan air supply system uses the outdoor fresh air to filter the cotton through the air inlet paint room and the ceiling paint room to remove the dust. The fan is sent into the factory to force the air in the plant to form a positive pressure to ensure the effective paint smell in the workshop. discharge. The air is filtered to filter the cotton in the paint booth of the fan inlet. It mainly filters the large dust impurities in the air. The second filter is the fine filtration of the filter cotton in the ceiling paint booth. It is also the main filter and is fully filtered. The air spreads evenly, forming a laminar flow state, achieving the spraying effect. The third time is the lacquer mat under the floor screen, which mainly filters excess paint in the air. Reduce paint content and odor in the exhaust.
How long should the normal use of filter cotton in the paint room be better?
How long does the filter cotton change? First, consider the use of the environment. 1. The environment of the paint booth is dusty and windy. It is recommended to check it once every 2 months, and replace it in 3-6 months. The details depend on the environment of the location.
2, the location of the environment is good, if there is less dust, choose a good quality filter cotton, can be used in about 1 year.
3. Before each application, first clean the interior of the paint booth, turn on the fan and blow it for 5 minutes, then install the top cotton and the air inlet cotton.
4. After the device is finished, turn on the fan and blow the water for 15 minutes, then clean the inside of the barn and install the cotton.
Which kind of filter cotton is used in the paint room?
1. The air inlet cotton can be selected from 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm.
2, the ceiling filter cotton has 560G, 600G, the same thickness specifications, different filtration effects.
3, paint mist filter cotton is available in 60 mm, 100 mm