The method of correctly installing the filter cotton in the paint booth;
- 2019-08-22-

There are 3 types of filter cotton in the paint room, which are ceiling filter cotton, air inlet filter cotton and paint mist filter cotton, which are used on the top of the paint booth, air inlet and floor. In the long-term use of filter cotton, a lot of dust and dirt will be piled up, which has a great influence on the effect of painting and baking.
First of all, the purchase of air filter cotton should not be cheap, cheap filter cotton has a short service life, poor filtration effect, and is troublesome in terms of replacement and protection, so it is recommended to choose good quality filter cotton.
How to properly install the filter room in the paint booth :
In the paint room, it is the paint room filter cotton, which is a device that removes the fresh air from the outside through the filter cotton and discharges the paint-like air in the room. Therefore, the effect of the filter cotton in the paint booth is very large, and the correct and accurate device use is also a must.
1. First, remove the air inlet, ceiling and floor filter, and clean and clean the indoor ventilation pipes, the darkness and the simple accumulation of dust.
2. Close the door of the paint booth and turn the fan to blow for about 1-3 minutes. After confirming that the cleaning is clean, install the filter cotton. In the process of the device, it must be noted that the filter material and the frame should be flat and the size of the gap around it is required. The filter cotton frame should be coated with a sealant around the filter, and then the filter cotton of the ceiling and the filter cotton device of the air inlet.
3. After the installation of the filter cotton in the paint room, it is necessary to open the fan for about 15 minutes, then carry out a simple cleaning and cleaning work, and put on the paint mat, you can use it.