Use and characteristics of filter room filter cotton
- 2019-08-23-

What areas of paint room filter cotton is mainly used in life? What kind of use, the following Furuiqi air purification will introduce you:
Paint room filter cotton in the automotive plant spraying, furniture factory, environmental spray cabinet, wood, hardware and other fields, can effectively filter paint, oil, glass raw materials, epoxy resin, asphalt, Teflon, liquefied workpieces, plastic, roasted Porcelain, dye, coating.
So how does this filter cotton work? Industrially, a specific proportion of the paint mist filter paper is made into a V-shaped groove complex structure. When the paint passes through the air inlet, the speed is slowed down, and the direction is controlled by the three-dimensional path, so that the paint mist particles and the thinner in the paint mist are intercepted and collided after deceleration to form an inert separation, and the paint mist particles are accumulated in the V-shape. In the tank, air is discharged from the air outlet.
Here are the characteristics of the filter room filter cotton:
1. The efficiency in the weak air resistance and filtration effect is very strong, and the dust holding capacity is 5 times that of the paint mist cotton. When the dust is saturated, the air flow rate will not decrease.
2. The cost of oil filter paper is low, the investment of equipment is small, the noise is small, and the installation operation is simple and convenient.
3. This filter paper has a long running time and low cost.
4, the filter paper does not cause secondary pollution, paint mist particles and dust can be easily processed, environmentally friendly filter material.
5, oil filter cotton and paint-resistant cotton in series, the efficiency can be as high as 95% -99.9%, if used with activated carbon, it can also absorb more than 60% of harmful gases.
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