Use the paint room filter cotton precautions
- 2019-08-23-

When the paint booth is running, the fan will draw in the outside air. After the person enters the ceiling of the paint booth, the filter cotton is blown downwards. The air is drawn out of the paint booth on the floor of the paint booth, and the airflow is created in the paint booth. Even if there is a small amount of dust in the paint booth, it will not fly. The filter cotton on the roof of the paint booth can filter out most of the dust to keep the air in the paint booth clean. Therefore, the filter cotton on the ceiling of the paint booth and the absorbent cotton on the floor of the paint booth should be replaced regularly.
The air entering the paint booth is the main source of pollutants. When not using the paint booth, the door of the paint booth should be closed. It is strictly forbidden to open the door of the paint booth for a long time. In many repair shops, the grinding work of putty is often carried out in an area very close to the paint booth. A large amount of dust is generated during the process of polishing the putty, and a large amount of dust such as putty ash can easily enter the paint booth with the flow of air. If the putty is sanded and dust-free dry grinding technology is adopted, the situation will be relatively better. If the manual grinding method is adopted, the pollution will be very serious. Therefore, in the repair shop, the putty grinding work should be carried out in the area away from the paint booth.
The vehicle to be sprayed is usually the largest source of contamination in the paint booth. Wheels, bumpers, and engine compartments collect large amounts of contaminants, and thorough body cleaning can reduce the impact of these contaminants on painting operations. Therefore, good preparations such as body cleaning are very important.
Workwear worn by paint operators is also an important source of pollution. In many repair shops, the work of polishing putty and painting paint is done by the same person. Many workers wear the same overalls when applying putty and spraying paint. This is not correct. It should be used when spraying paint. Work clothes. In the paint booth, you should wear a non-fiber off work clothing, rubber gloves, protective mask and respirator, and keep this wear when spraying each paint surface. Persons who do not wear special overalls are strictly forbidden to enter the paint booth, but can only view the painting work from the window to avoid contaminating the paint. In addition to covering the body and painting work that must be done in the paint booth, other body preparation and paint preparation work should be done outside the paint booth.
When installing the filter room of the paint room, first remove the air inlet filter cotton and the ceiling filter cotton and the paint mist filter cotton, then clean the dust accumulated in each corner of the paint room, then close the paint door and open it. The fan blows for about 30 minutes, of course, the longer the blow is, the better. We just need to blow the dust inside.
When the paint booth was cleaned up, we began to install new filter cotton. When installing the filter cotton, it is necessary to seal the gap between the frame and the filter cotton. After the sealant is finished, it is necessary to carefully check whether there is any omission or unevenness. Case. After these are finished, you can start to install the ceiling filter cotton and the primary filter cotton. When installing the top cotton, be careful. Because the ceiling filter cotton belongs to the precision filter layer of the paint room, don't forget that the best filtration efficiency is top. Cotton is done.
After these are all done, you need to turn on the fan again for about 40 minutes, and the specific time can be controlled freely. After the completion of the paint room door, carry out a serious cleaning, and then install the cotton wool spray filter cotton, you can use it.