About the product characteristics and scope of use of smoke filters
- 2019-08-23-

The smoke filter adopts a unique design structure, which is simple to install and flexible to use. It does not require additional smoking pipes. It is equipped with a high-power brushless motor, which prolongs the service life of the equipment, and has low noise and high air flow during operation. The unit is designed with triple filtration, including primary filter, medium efficiency filter and main filter. This is to achieve better purification and easy replacement of materials. However, the large-area primary filter can effectively filter out the larger particles of dust to extend the life of the main filter.
Product Features ◆ Purification efficiency of up to 99%, can be directly discharged indoors;
◆ Generally used in single and double welding stations;
◆ Advanced program control, automatic cleaning;
◆It has the characteristics of large suction volume, good smoking effect and low noise;
◆The device can perform 360 degree free positioning;
◆Easy to use and easy to maintain;
◆The filter has a long service life.
The scope of use is mainly used to filter the harmful fumes and industrial waste gas generated during production operations, such as soldering iron soldering, wave soldering, laser welding, tin furnace, reflow furnace, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, arc welding, Printing, silk screen, chemical laboratory and medical applications. Purification principle The smoking pipe collects harmful smoke into the purifier, the smoke enters the filter layer, the large particles are blocked, the fine particles are filtered by the medium-efficiency filter, the filtration efficiency is more than 99.98%, and the odor is adsorbed by activated carbon, and the z is finally contaminated. The smoke is filtered and the clean air is returned to the workshop.