What products can the filter filter?
- 2019-08-23-

Guangdong Furuixi Air Purification Filter Products Co., Ltd. is a source strength factory in the field of air purification, high-tech enterprises, the company's main products are primary, medium and high efficiency filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton, activated carbon particles, glass fiber cotton (LH / PA), bag filter, combined filter, medium efficiency filter, etc.
What is the use of filters in modern industrial production and processing? What kind of products can the filter use to filter? Filters are of course used for filtration, and are widely used in various industries, such as filtration of food, filtration of air, filtration of water, and the like.
Filters are required for filtration equipment such as chocolate powder, flour, sugar, and salt. Solid particles such as metal powder, sand, and lime are also filtered using a filter. Air conditioners, range hoods, vacuum cleaners, teapots, etc., which are commonly used in family life, can also see the shadow of the filter. There are also many kinds of materials for the filter, and the filter mesh and efficiency made by different materials are also different. Guangzhou Furuixi specializes in the production of air filters, which can be produced according to customers' needs. The filter products produced by them include humidifying filters, honeycomb panels, nylon filters, wavy metal filters, sponge filters, photocatalyst filters, etc. The functional efficiency of each type of filter varies.
Filters are not only widely used in industry, but also inseparable from filters in life. Filters mostly use the principle of physical filtration, safe and secure, and now the reduction of air quality will set off the rapid development of the air filtration market.
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