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Do you understand the structure of the primary filter is complicated?
- 2019-08-22-

Currently, filters are widely classified, and primary filters are more popular. It is extremely versatile, not expensive, and more importantly compact, and is used in many environments. Here is a brief introduction to the basic characteristics and application scale of the primary filter.
Common use of primary filters is central air conditioning, as well as a clean return air system and a large air compressor pre-filtration system. It mainly shoulders the effect of primary filtration, so the structure is relatively simple. Nowadays, there are many types of categories. In addition to the common G1, G2, and G3, there are nylon mesh filters or activated carbon filters, which are replaced by GN and GC, respectively.
The structure of the primary filter is very characteristic. From the appearance, it uses a waterproof board. The overall shape is very strong. The placed filter material is now folded, and the diagonal planning is especially studied. The reason for this treatment is to increase the filtration area and ensure the filtration effect. After the above treatment, the outer frame orientation will be close to the inner filter material, and the combination of the two is very good. It uses special glue, and there is no air leakage at all, even if it is facing too high wind pressure. There will be no problems.
When people understand the primary filter, they also touch the disposable paper frame filter. Some manufacturers use general hard paper frames, while others use die-cut cardboard. The characteristics of this paperboard are high strength, and the filter core is also very characteristic. It is not only used with single-sided wire mesh, but also added. A special lining is used to pleat all the fibers. It looks very good in appearance, and the structure is very strong and there is no rupture.

The scale of the application is slightly different. If it is a non-standard product, you can use the cardboard frame. However, if you want to buy a standard filter, you must use a high-strength material to ensure high precision. Although it doesn't look pretty.
To introduce the protection and maintenance of the primary filter, we need to protect it according to the frequency of the application environment, the replacement cycle is 1 to 6 months. You can measure the effect of the dust particle counter. If the cleanliness is not high, you should check whether you want to replace the filter. Before replacing it, you should cut off all the power and finish it by professionals.