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What are the three filter cottons for the filter room in the paint booth?
- 2019-08-22-

Filter cotton is very important in the furniture and car paint baking process, because it determines the quality of the paint after the paint, is a prerequisite for high-value paint process and high-quality paint, all ventilation facilities are based on it central.
When the paint booth is working, the outside air is filtered by the primary filter cotton of the air inlet, and then sent to the room by the blower, and then filtered through the secondary filter of the canopy filter and then flows into the working space of the paint booth, and the airflow forms a pressure from top to bottom. Poor, the paint mist generated by the paint will be discharged by the exhaust vent through the filtered air filter.
From the above point of view, the ventilation filter system of the paint booth is mainly divided into three filters, each of which plays a different role, and the filter cotton used is not the same.
First, the initial effect of the filter cotton: filter cotton first plays the role of primary filtration, the large dust particles and particles are blocked outside, the fresh air is sent to the second filter. The primary filter used in the paint room is blue and white filter cotton, and the windward side is blue.
Second, the canopy filter cotton: the canopy filter cotton is the second filter of the paint room, the air is filtered through the canopy filter cotton and sent to the work room by the blower, forcing the air in the work room to form a positive pressure to ensure the paint smell in the paint room. The useful discharge, the uniformly filtered air is evenly dispersed, forming a laminar flow condition, and achieving a better spraying effect.
Third, paint mist filter cotton: also known as floor cotton or trench cotton, because it is laid under the grille at the bottom of the paint room, the primary role of the floor cotton is to filter the excess paint mist in the air, reduce the paint content and odor in the air. To reduce the pollution discharged into the air, the paint mist filter is a filter after the paint room.
The use of paint room filter cotton can be used to avoid contamination of furniture paint and car paint. In the process of painting, it will form a lot of paint mist, organic solvent vapor and dust. The long-term exposure of the operator can cause chronic poisoning and skin diseases. Damage to health. If they are discharged to the outside, air pollution will occur. Some solvents with photochemical reaction characteristics can form a more toxic substance after being exposed to ultraviolet rays in sunlight, forming a public hazard.