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How should the filter cotton be cleaned?
- 2019-08-22-

Filter cotton is a common filter for air filters and is now widely used. It can be used not only to filter air but also to filter water. When filtering air, it is mainly used as a filter material for air filters, and it is mainly used to filter water in a fish tank when filtering water, and can also be used to filter drinking water.
How to clean the filter cotton?
1. When the filter cotton is used in the air filter, it can be used for the primary effect, medium efficiency and high efficiency filter. It is suitable for coarse dust filtration when used for primary air filter, pre-filtration of air filtration system, and air filter for air conditioning system. Filter cotton is suitable for various industrial purposes, such as avoiding pollution, air conditioning industry, industrial waste gas, processing of sewage, etc.; filter cotton is especially suitable for painting system, pre-filtration in painting workshop;
2. The outer frame of the primary-effect filter is quite special. It is composed of a solid waterproof board to fix and fold the filter. The planning of the diagonal on the outer frame provides a large filtration area and allows the internal filter material to adhere tightly to the outer frame. The all-round effect filter is glued to the outer frame with a special professional adhesive glue to prevent air leakage or damage due to windage pressure.
The filter material and the outer frame are tightly bonded to the outer frame to avoid any air leakage. This series of bokeh filters can accumulate large dust on the bottom of the bokeh, and the other sides can effectively filter other fine dust.
3. After the filter cotton is used for a period of time, it will be covered with dust. At this time, we need to clean it. In general, the primary filter cotton can be cleaned. When cleaning, if the frame is aluminum frame or galvanized frame, we can wash it with water. If it is a paper frame, we can blow it with a hair dryer.