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Spray booth filter cotton specifications
- 2019-08-22-

Spray paint room filter cotton is also called paint mat, paint network, anti-paint cotton, floor cotton, bottom cotton, glass fiber fluffy felt, glass fiber filter, paint filter.
Model: FRS-PA-50, FRS-PA-70, FRS-PA-100
Length 20 meters, width 0.8 meters, thickness 50/70/100 mm length 20 meters, width 1 meter, thickness 50/70/100 mm length 20 meters, width 2 meters, thickness 50/70/100 mm filter material: density Graded glass fiber filter grade: G3/EU3
Filtration accuracy: able to filter ≥5μm particle weight: 220g per square meter final resistance: (recommended) 200Pa
Paint capacity: 3500g/m2
Temperature resistance: 170 ° C
Characteristics of spray booth filter cotton:
The spray booth filter cotton is composed of high-strength continuous monofilament glass fiber, which has an increasing structure, high catching rate and good paint mist isolation effect; good compression performance, can keep its appearance unchanged, and its filter fiber is good for storing paint mist and dust; The filter material of the spray booth filter cotton is green and white, the green surface is air upwind surface; it has elasticity and low pressure loss, and has excellent trapping effect filter for paint mist. The paint room filter cotton flame retardant conforms to DIN4102 F1 temperature resistance. It can reach the temperature resistance of 100 relative temperature; the spray booth filter cotton captures the excessive paint from the painting system, avoids the paint stain on the equipment, prevents the surface of the painted paint from being damaged and protects the external environment, filters the paint particles in the room, and reduces the discharge. Exhaust gas pollution.
Spray booth filter cotton product use:
The spray booth filter cotton absorbs excessive free particles generated during painting and balances the pressure in the working space. It is a typical environmentally friendly material. Generally suitable for dry painting spray booths, automotive, furniture, mechanical parts, dry paint system as paint room filter cotton and workshop paint mist filter or kitchen fume filtration.