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How to properly install the paint room filter cotton!
- 2019-10-08-

How to properly install the paint room filter cotton spray booth (painting room) filter cotton is an important part of the paint booth, the replacement of the filter cotton in the paint booth is also extremely important, many wrong installations will form the damage and secondary pollution of the filter system. Here we introduce the correct installation method for the filter cotton in the spray booth. We can remember these important steps, mainly to ensure that the replacement does not form secondary pollution.
First of all, the replacement of the filter cotton in the paint booth should first remove the ceiling cotton, tuyere cotton and cotton wool of the paint booth. After the removal of the air inlet, the top and the bottom screen filter, the darkness of the paint booth should be cleaned. When finishing, be careful, clean the accumulated dust and other attachments, and do not leave any granular or blocky dirt.
In the second step, close the door of the paint booth to form a confined space, open the fan switch, and open the air volume to the air, let the air in the paint booth blow for 5 minutes, and blow away the water and dust in the passage.
The third step is to install a new filter cotton. When installing the filter cotton, the seam of the filter screen must be covered. The filter cotton should be placed flat on the filter frame. If necessary, apply sealant to ensure the seam. It will not leak.
The canopy filter cotton is used in the painting factory, the spray booth, and the top air supply system of the paint booth to collect fine dust particles to prevent paint pollution, ensure that the air in the room is highly clean, and the airflow in the paint booth is evenly distributed.
1. The filter material is made by non-woven method, multi-directionality, gradual layering and rolling needle method according to the fiber thickness and density. 2. The gradual structure can be blocked at different density levels according to the size of dust particles. Large amount 3. Under the certain wind speed, it can still maintain the original shape, increase the life of the filter, and reduce the cost of replacement. 4. It is made of composite fiber with different melting point and convexity in the table. The joint between the fibers is firm, tightly combined, and not easy to fall off. Cotton has full viscosity (three-dimensional spray treatment), semi-adhesive (appearing on the surface), non-adhesive (no glue) for selection 6. Can be installed with galvanized steel frame or aluminum frame, can also be equipped with metal back mesh It can effectively support the filter screen to accept the large air volume and is not easy to deform. The fourth step is completed. After the installation is completed, the switch is turned on, and the air is blown again for about 5-10 minutes. After simple cleaning, the cotton can be used after being cleaned. The cotton varnished filter cotton has now been completed.